So…What is Agile About?

October 18, 2018   By Nicole Rubbi-Clarke

The term agile was created in 2001 by a group of pioneering software developers who created something known as the “Agile Manifesto”. In it, they described four new values for developing software.

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Why Leaders Cannot be Complacent

October 17, 2018   By Evelyn Chow, Nicole Rubbi-Clarke

Image Source : Burst Embracing Change Innovation acts as a catalyst for change, and sometimes with change there can be a discontinuity with the old ways and models. Today, disruption driven by ...

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Being a Part of 'HR Leaders Summit 2018'

October 11, 2018   By Evelyn Chow, Nicole Rubbi-Clarke

Today, technology, consumers, and artificial intelligence are responsible for changes to the status quo and can initiate major disruptions. We wanted to ask - how can HR professionals succeed in such ...

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Leadership in Agile organizations: from micro-management to trust-based coaching.

September 26, 2018   By Guest Post by Organize Agile

Image Source : Organize Agile Agile way of working, agile organization, Scrum, squads, Holacracy, whatever it’s called in your organization and whatever the shape it takes: working in a new way ...

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Role of the Leader for a Successful Transformation Journey.

September 20, 2018   By Evelyn Chow, Nicole Rubbi-Clarke

Image Source : Megapixel  DecodeHR ran an interactive workshop on 19th July 2018 together with the San-Francisco based Berkeley Executive Coaching team, entitled “Leader as Coach”. During the ...

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A Bit of Blockchain Technology 101 for me...

September 17, 2018   By Evelyn Chow

Image Source : Megapixl by Nils Ackermann, Aiconimage Attended a Blockchain Technology talk organised by #Nanyang Business School last evening. Great turnout - kudos to the awesome NBS team.

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Better Supporter Equals Better Leader

September 03, 2018   By Nicole Rubbi-Clarke

A couple of weeks ago, DecodeHR hosted two speakers from Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute to speak on the topic of ‘Leader as Coach’. During the event, the audience was polled, and we would like ...

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It Pays to Strategise Now to Maximise Employee Retention

March 27, 2018   By Evelyn Chow

Create an Employee Retention Strategy that Really Stands Out

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3 tips for using technology for better customer service

The advent of technology has transformed the face of business everywhere, in any area conceivable. One of the key areas in which technology has been harnessed to strengthen a company is the area of ...

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How to Design a Successful Performance Bonus Plan

March 22, 2018   By Neo Shi Qin


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