The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Working for a Startup

May 24, 2017 | Evelyn Chow

Working for a startup can be the most exciting, educational experience of your lifetime. While employment at a startup can be risky, the plethora of benefits that accompany life at a startup is too enticing for many prospective employees to ignore. Below are the top 10 reasons why you should work for a startup.

Startup - Yay or nay? 

1) Working for a startup is exciting. 

There are very few dull moments when you work for a startup. In fact, a startup's work culture is the polar opposite of a corporate work culture in nearly every way. Every day marks a chance for you to make a noticeable difference at your job. 


2) You will gain valuable experience.

When you work for a startup, you have the opportunity to experience a company's growth from its early infancy into a larger, more established company. You may even find yourself working for a startup that gradually evolves into an industry leader. Even if you work for a startup that does not become an industry giant, you will gain valuable insight into virtually every aspect of a company's operations.


3) "Red Tape" is virtually non-existent.

Unlike the corporate environment, which is often wrought with lengthy delays and approval processes, a startup's work environment is usually free of red tape. You will not need to obtain three signatures before making a purchase or hiring an assistant. Decisions can be made quickly and efficiently, allowing you to expedite critical tasks and take care of business immediately.


4) You will wear many hats.

Your skill set will enjoy unprecedented growth when you work for a startup. Very rarely will you be relegated to one specific set of tasks. It is not uncommon for startup employees to be closing sales one day and overseeing production staff the next day. 


5) You will be surrounded by motivated colleagues.

Working alongside driven individuals on a daily basis is encouraging and inspiring. Regular exposure to eager, hard-working people is also an excellent way to stimulate your own creative juices.


6) Your work will make a visible difference in company results.

It is virtually impossible for your accomplishments to go unnoticed when working for a startup. The more intimate work culture of a startup means that your colleagues will know all about your successes shortly after you achieve them. This often motivates employees to strive to produce their highest quality work every day.


7) You are more apt to have flexible working hours.

While you might endure some long workdays at a startup, most startup employees enjoy a greater degree of flexibility than employees who work for large companies. Work-life balance is generally viewed as important among startup owners, laying the foundation for a flexible schedule that may involve working remotely.


8) You will learn how to be innovative. 

Innovation, courage, and drive combine to establish a foundation for success at a startup. Most startup employees communicate directly with their boss, who is frequently the founder of the startup. The result is regular exposure to a cutting-edge philosophy and innate desire to succeed.


9) Micromanagement rarely occurs.

Working for a startup offers a stark contrast to employment at a large company. Timeclocks, daily employee monitoring, sign-in sheets, and frequent evaluations are the exception rather than the norm.


10) Your problem-solving skills will greatly improve. 

Employees who work for startups are often hired for their problem-solving skills and their keen decision-making abilities. In fact, you will be expected to develop and implement solutions on a regular basis. 

Clearly, working for a startup offers a host of advantages to employees. From an invigorating work atmosphere to daily opportunities to expand your skill set, working for a startup is an educational and unforgettable experience.  


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