Our thoughts on remaining employable and relevant

April 03, 2017 | Joan Chan

Recently, we granted Yuan Xiu from The UrbanWire, a lifestyle magazine produced by final-year Online Journalism students of the School of Film & Media Studies at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, an interview on the job prospects of young people amidst the slowing economy.

In the interview, Evelyn shared some thoughts on remaining employable and relevant. You can view the full article here

Survey findings based on 102 respondents aged 18 to 35. Infographic by: Lim Yuan Xiu

Besides having more people competing for fewer jobs, globalization and advancement in technology have also put downward pressure on wages, making it harder for young graduates to find a job that meets their salary expectation. Young people will need to be agile, adaptable and be prepared to put in the effort and time to understand emerging trends. After they’ve landed a job, they should also continue to develop the skills needed to create a difference in the organizations they are a part of. 

Some advice on staying employable 

  1. Keep learning

While the phrase ‘lifelong learning’ may sound cliché, it is important for young graduates struggling to find their ideal job to continue to learn and grow. Be open to engaging any other learning on the side, for example, online learning and certification courses. This really makes a difference in a knowledge based economy (like ours).

  1. Show Initiative

To differentiate themselves from other jobseekers, young graduates need to be able to prove themselves in tangible ways. Having done paid/unpaid internships or even part-time jobs will give them an edge, as this demonstrates to prospective employers that they are driven, passionate and ready to commit.

  1. Develop skills

While it’s important for young people to constantly upgrade themselves and have the necessary hard skills required for the job, it’s also equally crucial for them to cultivate soft skills, including communication skills, leadership skills, problem solving skills, team work and time management skills.


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