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Transformational Leadership: Leading in the Age of Uncertainty and Disruptions

April 01, 2019   By Nicole Rubbi-Clarke

We are pleased to share that we are hosting the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute (BECI) again in June for a two-day workshop. The workshops will be covering the topics of transformational ...

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HR in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

March 26, 2019   By Nicole Rubbi-Clarke

Image Source : Freepik Businesses wanting to remain competitive in today’s economy need to look at ways to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) for HR processes. AI enables businesses to be more ...

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Re-imagine Innovation with Technology

March 06, 2019   By Nicole Rubbi-Clarke

Digital disruption is creating new opportunities for innovation with technology. A combination of market forces, competitive forces and technological forces are responsible for the disruption. Top ...

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So…What is Agile About?

October 18, 2018   By Nicole Rubbi-Clarke

Image Source : Megapixel  The term agile was created in 2001 by a group of pioneering software developers who created something known as the “Agile Manifesto”. In it, they described four new values ...

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Better Supporter Equals Better Leader

September 03, 2018   By Nicole Rubbi-Clarke

A couple of weeks ago, DecodeHR hosted two speakers from Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute to speak on the topic of ‘Leader as Coach’. During the event, the audience was polled, and we would like ...

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