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How to ensure a successful transformation

May 28, 2019   By Evelyn Chow

HRD speaks to DecodeHR  for practical tips to optimise your digital transformation journey.

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A Bit of Blockchain Technology 101 for me...

September 17, 2018   By Evelyn Chow

Image Source : Megapixl by Nils Ackermann, Aiconimage Attended a Blockchain Technology talk organised by #Nanyang Business School last evening. Great turnout - kudos to the awesome NBS team.

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It Pays to Strategise Now to Maximise Employee Retention

March 27, 2018   By Evelyn Chow

Create an Employee Retention Strategy that Really Stands Out

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Does Cultural Fit Impact Hiring Success?

September 08, 2017   By Evelyn Chow

What can organisations gain by aligning candidates with cultural fit during the hiring process?

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July 2017 Newsletter: Changes to Singapore Labour Environment and more

August 11, 2017   By Evelyn Chow


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The Importance of Cultural Intelligence for Successful M&As

June 05, 2017   By Evelyn Chow

A staple of modern-day business, mergers and acquisitions (M&As) can make or break a business. When you choose to buy (or be bought by) a partner company, this can and should lead to an outcome where ...

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The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Working for a Startup

May 24, 2017   By Evelyn Chow

Working for a startup can be the most exciting, educational experience of your lifetime. While employment at a startup can be risky, the plethora of benefits that accompany life at a startup is too ...

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May 2017 Newsletter: Common pitfalls to avoid in M&As

May 04, 2017   By Evelyn Chow

    STRATEGIC HR, M&A, LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, HUMAN CAPITAL TRANSFORMATION   E-Newsletter | May 2017   If you are a business leader seeking that extra competitive edge in a global market, stronger ...

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Uber Is Finally Realizing HR Isn’t Just for Recruiting (Repost from HBR)

March 08, 2017   By Evelyn Chow

By John Boudreau 

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Best Practices for Talent Development and Management

February 06, 2017   By Evelyn Chow

Savvy executives know that engaging and guiding the right talent at the right point in the life of your organisation is the path to success. That path, however, is strewn with diversions. Success, ...

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