Leadership in Agile Organizations: The importance of boundaries and clear assignments

October 31, 2018   By Guest Post by Organize Agile

Image Source : Organize Agile Agile way of working, agile organization, Scrum, squads, Holacracy, whatever it’s called in your organization and whatever the shape it takes: working in a new way ...

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So…What is Agile About?

October 18, 2018   By Nicole Rubbi-Clarke

Image Source : Megapixel  The term agile was created in 2001 by a group of pioneering software developers who created something known as the “Agile Manifesto”. In it, they described four new values ...

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Why Leaders Cannot be Complacent

October 17, 2018   By Evelyn Chow, Nicole Rubbi-Clarke

Image Source : Burst Embracing Change Innovation acts as a catalyst for change, and sometimes with change there can be a discontinuity with the old ways and models. Today, disruption driven by ...

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Being a Part of 'HR Leaders Summit 2018'

October 11, 2018   By Evelyn Chow, Nicole Rubbi-Clarke

Today, technology, consumers, and artificial intelligence are responsible for changes to the status quo and can initiate major disruptions. We wanted to ask - how can HR professionals succeed in such ...

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