The Strength in Strategy: How Important is the Need to Strategise?

December 31, 2016   By Evelyn Chow

In the course of our strategic HR consulting work with our clients, the inadvertent question of ‘What is the vision of your company and what is your strategic plan?” will emerge as we begin to think ...

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The Futurist: predictions of the HR landscape

December 28, 2016   By Evelyn Chow

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As we approach the festive season...

December 25, 2016   By Joan Chan

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Is it time to give our young people a break?

December 06, 2016   By Evelyn Chow

It’s really interesting, of late, that I find my path crossing moore often than usual with that of the young people in our society. These are the millennials, and I hesitate to label them as such ...

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