Amazing Things You Can Accomplish Through Your Employee Handbook!

June 06, 2015 | Evelyn Chow
Things I can accomplish through my employee handbook

The next phase of competition in the global marketplace is shaping up to be a war for top talent. In that war, the employee handbook is gaining prominence as much more than an obligatory legal document and a bare bones on-boarding tool. The employee handbook can help establish authentic corporate culture and encourage loyalty to the employer brand.

Employer branding has gained prominence as professionals in human resources began collaborating with marketing to develop sophisticated employer branding messages. The point is to secure top talent and keep them engaged because engaged employees are more productive, have lower churn rates and deliver better work through creative collaboration. Here are a few ways that your employee handbook could play a role in that transformation.

Improve Quality Across the Organization

Instead of telling employees that quality matters, show them how important it is by presenting them with a well put together employee handbook. In the on-boarding experience, this is one of the key documents that they will spend a great deal of time reviewing. Make sure every page is delivering a professional, positive experience for them at their new company.

Attract the Best

In companies that consistently rank at the top in “Best Place to Work" surveys, like Singapore Airlines, Shell and Google, one of the key ingredients is that their employees feel valued. The employees trust their managers and they like the people in their office. It's not magic: this feeling comes from consistent employer branding messages from the top that promote the company's culture. The employee handbook can be an extremely effective communications tool in delivering those messages about the employer's values and goals.

Drive Innovation

In a mobile world, with fast Wi-Fi and cloud-based apps, why would you want a paper manual? An e-Handbook could be built as an app for their BYOD mobile phones or tablets. It could also be posted on a secure intranet server that employees can access over the web. This way, it can be instantly updated, there aren't old manuals floating around, and you can really impress new employees right off the bat with awesome visuals and interactive videos. It demonstrates that you value their opinion and sets the bar high for achievement within the company.

The Next Step

Now that you know what you want to accomplish with your next employee handbook, the next step is to build a strong framework. In our next blog 'Ready to Create That Amazing Employee Handbook? 8 Things to Note...' we will provide details and suggestions for an employer branding tool that attracts talent and gives them a reason to believe in your company.

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