How to ensure a successful transformation

May 28, 2019   By Evelyn Chow

HRD speaks to DecodeHR  for practical tips to optimise your digital transformation journey.

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Race between Man and Machine?

May 27, 2019   By Evelyn Chow, Nabilah Tan

Image Source :Burst Artificial Intelligence, aka AI, is an increasingly bandied about term as we move into the digital era. But what is AI exactly? Here at, we like to define it as a ...

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HR Tech Summit 2019 Takeaways

April 12, 2019   By Nabilah Tan

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Transformational Leadership: Leading in the Age of Uncertainty and Disruptions

April 01, 2019   By Nicole Rubbi-Clarke

We are pleased to share that we are hosting the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute (BECI) again in June for a two-day workshop. The workshops will be covering the topics of transformational ...

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HR in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

March 26, 2019   By Nicole Rubbi-Clarke

Image Source : Freepik Businesses wanting to remain competitive in today’s economy need to look at ways to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) for HR processes. AI enables businesses to be more ...

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Re-imagine Innovation with Technology

March 06, 2019   By Nicole Rubbi-Clarke

Digital disruption is creating new opportunities for innovation with technology. A combination of market forces, competitive forces and technological forces are responsible for the disruption. Top ...

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How Much Should You Earn in 2019?

February 26, 2019   By Guest Post by Links International

What should you earn? Learn about the Asian market rate and make the most out of 2019. Looking for a pay raise but don’t know how? Don’t sweat, with the Links 2019 Asia Salary Snapshot, you can ...

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Let’s Get Competent at Competencies

February 19, 2019   By Evelyn Chow, Nabilah Tan

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Shift from Employee Engagement to Employee Experience

January 07, 2019   By Guest Post by Laserbeam Software

Image Source : Laserbeam Software - Employee Experience: A Passing Fad or the Key to Performance

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2 Ways Managers Can Conduct Better Performance Reviews

January 02, 2019   By Guest Post by Links International

Image Source : Links International We understand that praise has its benefits in motivating people.  However, when done badly they can become a stress or for the people who receive it, choking them ...

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