Past Events:

DecodeHR + Enboarder Event

Date                      :  3 July 2019

Time                     :  6pm - 8pm

Location              :  SpacesWorks, 410 North Bridge Road Singapore 188726

Organiser            :  DecodeHR and Enboarder

Are you looking to digitally transform your organisation but not sure where and how to start? Do you find it hard to determine which tech solution is right for you, given the proliferation of tech vendors in the market?

If you are, join us on 3 July 2019 where we will be introducing our new platform. It will allow you to engage in knowledge exchanges with fellow HR tech explorers and HR tech providers and be guided throughout your transformation journey.

This event is held jointly with Enboarder which helps employers engage employees through its experience-driven onboarding software. As poor onboarding experiences can cause up to 20% of new hires to quit within the first 45 days, don’t miss out on how you can leverage on its platform to greatly improve your firm’s retention rate.

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Transformational Leadership Workshop 2019

BECI Header Image 2

Date                      :  24 to 25 June 2019

Time                     :  9am - 5pm

Location              :  The Villa, Ginger Garden, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Organiser            :  DecodeHR and Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute 

Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute (BECI) will be back in Singapore this June to lead an enriching two-day workshop that you won’t want to miss! Take part in this workshop to develop yourself and take your team to the next level.

This program introduces leadership practices and team behaviors to build trust, lead transformations, create stronger team culture and increase the overall effectiveness of the team. It will be conducted through a series of highly interactive and experiential exercises as participants will be taken through the entire design thinking cycle through a design challenge.  

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HR Tech Summit Singapore

HR Tech Summit 2019

Date                       :  4 April 2019

Time                      :  9am - 5pm

Location                :  Hilton Singapore

Organiser              :  HRD

To learn more on the impact of technology on HR and workforce planning, as well as insights and best practices from leading professionals in the field, join DecodeHR at the annual HRD HR Tech Summit on April 4th, 2019.


IBM Solutions Expo

IBM event - 29Jan2019

Date                       : 29 Jan 2091

Organiser              : IBM

The market today faces unprecedented external and internal forces. Our world is dominated by digital and cognitive disruption, threatening existing business models. According to a Harvard Business Review, 72% of businesses believe they are susceptible to digital disruption in the next 3 years, but only 14% believe they can act quickly enough to compete against it.

The need to act has become more urgent as Technologies like AI, Cloud, Blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) can change the way we do business and provide us with a competitive edge. Together with our partner, IBM, we are putting smart to work.


2018 HR Leaders Summit

 HRD 2 oct

Date                       : Tuesday October 2, 2018

Organiser              : HRD 

Evelyn Chow, Managing Director of DecodeHR, will be chairing the upcoming HR Leaders Summit hosted by HRD. 

Topics include:

  • How Asia’s best employers engage their employees
  • Integrating company values into recruitment strategies
  • Transforming learning and development culture through video
  • Developing the next generation CHRO
  • Creating the right mindset for organisational change


Transformational Leadership Workshop - Leader as Coach 

Date                       :  19 July 2018

Organiser              :  DecodeHR and Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute 

DecodeHR hosted Doy Charnsupharindr and Mehmet Sevinc from Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute ( for an interactive learning workshop. The session engaged participants to explore how coaching can be applied to leadership and how the skills of a coach can help connect people in a way that builds trust and understanding.

Topics Outline:

  • Leader as Coach – Leading Change
  • Active listening and coaching skills
  • Knowing your audience and understanding others
  • Inspiring others and enrolling people into your vision

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Strategic Skills Transformation Seminar

Date                       :  18 May 2018 

Organiser              :  Comaea

The seminar offered participants the opportunity to learn more on the latest technologies and strategies, as well as the chance to explore how to achieve a successful transformation journey. Speakers included Per Palmér of Comaea and Evelyn Chow of DecodeHR, leading figures in the field with over 25 years of experience working with Strategic Competency and Workforce Transformation in Europe and Asia.

Topics covered at the seminar included:

  • The impact of a skills gap on your organisation’s goals and transformation journey
  • How to ensure your transformation strategy is competency-based to achieve outcomes
  • How to align skills to your transformation road-map
  • Assessment of critical transformation workforce skills in two weeks
  • Creating a high performing and future-ready workforce
  • Tips and a checklist for your skills transformation journey

 group pix


HR Tech Summit 2018

Date                       :  28 March 2018 

Organiser              :  Key Media

The pace of technological change and its impact on business is accelerating. What technology should we be putting in place today to prepare for tomorrow?

The Summit discussed the following:

  • How far ahead can we really plan in today's economy?
  • What are the emerging technologies that will shape tomorrow's workplaces?
  • The top five disruptive trends in HR technology (and where they might lead us)
  • How will the Internet of Things impact on HR in the future?

For more details, please click here.

 HR Tech SummitHR Tech Summit_2


Leaders' Lab: Competency-Based Talent Management for Non-Profit Organisations   

Date                       :  1 March 2018 

Organiser              :  Centre for Non-Profit Leadership

When defined and used well, competencies help individuals grow in their roles and organisations. A talent management and talent acquisition process that includes defining and using competencies will help individuals grow in their roles and their organisations. Organisations that adapt competencies to achieve organisational goals and use them for development purposes gives non-profits a better shot at increasing retention and job satisfaction among emerging and existing leaders, helping them retain the talent that is key to their organisation's impact.

One of the guest speakers was Ms Evelyn Chow, Managing Director of DecodeHR.

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High Tea Seminar on the topic of how to Become a Competency Guru in 45 minutes

Date                       : 27 October, 2017

Organiser              : DecodeHR and Comaea

The seminar covered the following key areas:

  • Aligning your Workforce to your Overall Strategy and Goals
  • Creating a High Performing and Future-ready Workforce
  • Finding and Optimizing your Competencies in 5 Easy Steps
  • Method for Assessing your Competencies in less than 2 weeks
  • ROI of a Competency-Based Talent Management Strategy
  • Tips and Checklist for how to Create Agile and Robust Competency Frameworks 


Launch of the Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) Digital Transformation Exchange 

We were at the Launch of the Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) Digital Transformation Exchange by Minister of State for Manpower, Mr Teo Ser Luck LAST Wednesday, 26 April 2017.  Mr Teo explained that the digital transformation exchange would help foster a culture of innovation among companies and add value to HR professionals in areas such as staff recruitment, retention and rewards. Companies need to be open to adopting new technologies to grow their human capital and create more quality jobs for Singaporean PMETs. HR professionals will play a critical role in this.



Evelyn Chow, our managing director, was featured by MOM on their facebook page. She highlighted how technology, when implemented correctly for HR, can bring immense benefits to companies and their employees.

“The adoption of technology to enhance HR practices needs to be driven by senior management for the company to enjoy the benefits of automation.

When such technology is fully implemented, companies can increase the frequency of employee engagement and feedback. This in turn motivates employees and acts as an enabler for companies to enjoy greater productivity.”


Interview with The UrbanWire

Recently, we granted Yuan Xiu from The UrbanWire, a lifestyle magazine produced by final-year Online Journalism students of the School of Film & Media Studies at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, an interview on the job prospects of young people amidst the slowing economy. In the interview, Evelyn shared some thoughts on remaining employable and relevant. You can view this article here


Survey findings based on 102 respondents aged 18 to 35. Infographic by: Lim Yuan Xiu


HR Trends and Practices 

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 12.40.45 AM.png







We were honored to be invited to speak at a seminar organized by CrimsonLogic, titled 'HR Trends and Practices - Optimising HR Functions and Practices to Build a sustainable and Efficient Law Firm'.

During the seminar, our Managing Director, Evelyn Chow, shared her thoughts on the strategy of driving a high performance culture with robust and future-orientated competency frameworks. 

View some of the photos we took at the event below!

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  • IMG_3936.jpg
  • IMG_3931.jpg
  • IMG_3932.jpg
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  • IMG_3928.jpg

HR Leaders Summit 2016

DecodeHR was a sponsor for the HR Leaders Summit 2016. Held over two days from the 16-18th May in Phuket.