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Profile of Organisation

Founded 18 years ago to cater to the needs of individuals and companies to remit money to China, the organisation has experienced exponential growth in the last 5 years and has expanded its services to other countries in Asia. Management believes in grooming talent internally, hiring fresh graduates who are rotated to different business areas as part of their professional and to ensure there are sufficient trained personnel to meet fluctuating demand for its services at the front counters. 


DecodeHR was engaged to conduct a strategic review of its HR policies, practices, and procedures and to benchmark these against high performing small and medium sized enterprises. Key outcomes would be to strengthen the organization’s performance management process to build a performance based culture, create career development plans /pathways for employees and succession plans for leadership roles. An employee e-handbook would also be created to document the new / revised policies.   

Given the language capability of the majority of the workforce, it was critical that communications (both written and verbal) be in both English and Mandarin.


Mandarin Handout



  • Performance management systems are now more objective and transparent and employees are hence more motivated to perform
  • Culture of learning and encouraging individuals to own their career and professional development
  • Continuity in leadership roles and increased employee engagement
  • Compensation structure aligned with organisation’s values and requirements
  • Reduction in recruitment and selection risks as the requirements for each role are clearly defined