Many organizations, researchers and leaders have identified coaching as a critical leadership and management competency. In addition, employees are asking more and more for coaching. Coaching as taught and delivered by our facilitators is a professional discipline and skill set, which enhances performance, action, creativity, momentum and transformation. True coaching improves employee and organizational resiliency and effectiveness in change.

Unlike other coaching models, our definition of coaching is not simply rehabilitative counseling or supervision. We define coaching as the skills, processes and knowledge through which people involve themselves in making the maximum impact and constantly renewing themselves and their organizations as they experience continuous change.

Coaching is not management skills re-packaged, although coaching draws on certain management skills and competencies. Coaching deals with employee growth, development, and achievement by removing roadblocks to performance and enhancing creativity. Management deals with supervision, evaluation and meeting objectives.

Coaching is not therapy or counseling, although coaching uses some of the same communication processes. Coaching is about creativity, performance and action, while therapy deals with resolution and healing of the past.

Coaching is not mentoring or consulting, although coaches will use their experience, diagnose situations and give opinions or advice at times. Coaching uses all of one’s knowledge and experience to enable the person being coached to create and develop their own best practices, connections and resources.

Finally, coaching is not training. Coaches give information, but they support those they coach in developing their own skills and knowledge.

As a licensed facilitator of Corporate Coach U's Corporate Coaching Clinic, Decode HR incorporates the use of the Everything DiSC personality assessment tool, designed to understand yourself AND other people too. It will greatly enhance the coaching process for both the Coach and Coachee.