Start with the Right Building Blocks   

When do I need a Recruitment Diagnostics?

You know you need to attract, hire and retain the right people if your organization wants to grow, increase profitability and retain its competitive advantage. Your recruitment strategy is key to your company’s ongoing success. Large and small companies alike need to have solid recruitment processes in place from day one. Get the right building blocks in place.


Common situations where a Recruitment Diagnostic is recommended

  • Your job advertisements attract a lot of interest but the applicants do not meet your requirements
  • Positions across your organization remain vacant for long periods of time
  • Your competitor is able to attract and retain their best talent, while you seem to lose good employees
  • You face challenges in attracting good talent
  • Your organization is spending disproportionately on recruitment (in both time and financial resources)


How does a Recruitment Diagnostics work:

Using defined tools and methodologies, we examine each aspect of your existing recruitment process in relation to your organization’s business goals and strategies:

  • Workforce planning
  • Recruitment channels
  • Recruitment tools such as Everything DiSC and an Application Tracking System
  • Recruitment metrics
  • Talent communications
  • Employer brand analysis
  • Talent strategy

Start to Transform the Way You Attract & Retain Talent 

Following the collation and professional analysis of the diagnostic results, we will present to you and your management team an objective review of your entire recruitment function. We highlight specific areas that need addressing and provide achievable action items to significantly drive recruitment results across your organization. Take the first step to transform the way you attract and retain talent.

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