Who are We

DecodeHR Pte Ltd is a boutique Human Resources Consulting firm that thrives on working with companies who are passionate about realizing the best in their people today and tomorrow; whether it's a complete transformation of your HR practices or a specific area which needs addressing immediately.

Why DecodeHR

Today's business landscape is becoming increasingly complex; companies have too many tools to choose from, 'ah-ha' theories continue to emerge - all touting to be the next must-have or the solution that will arrest issues related to talent acquisition, retention, engagement, succession planning and so on.

We have nothing against new tools or research findings that can be substantiated but we don't get excited about a tool unless we really understand it and the results it can bring to your organization!

Our programs and consulting services will often take more than a day to implement and see through to completion. Some may take months or even a year for highly comprehensive and strategic programs - but we believe that if this amount of intensity or rigor is called for, then the results will speak for themselves.

DecodeHR is here for the journey and we won't miss a day with you.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer our clients innovative yet practical solutions for creating workplaces that employees can thrive in.